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Noble Goal

Our noble goal is to help businesses discover their noble goal. We think this is very important because it shows that a company is socially useful and works for the benefit of humanity in the field in which it has expertise. It is an honor and pleasure for us to work with such companies! Even more inspiring is that we have helped and continue helping many companies find their noble mission, supporting the society which we are all a part of.

How do we (make it) work

Each company has specifics not only in its business model, but also in its operations. Along with this, there is a specific positioning on the market, where the competition and its clientele also have their specifics. These are very variable factors and we make a detailed research about that to be able to take into account all of the important fragments when consulting or working with any company.

We do not follow the same rules - we offer a different set of services and approaches for each company according to its particular needs. Some companies have internal departments with which we can collaborate perfectly. Other companies work with several agencies with which we are ready to actively coordinate.

This is why one of our constant intentions is that we try every day to be as flexible as possible. In today's digital environment, consumers are mobile, searching for information multichannel, sharing actively and freely.

These are important characteristics that every marketing company must take into account. It is typical for our work to be tailored to the clients of our clients. That is why we most often make a research to all the channels in which they communicate. At the same time, over time, we make a research about their habits and behavior - through modern technology and statistics.This helps us, instead of doing things "piece by piece", to find a set of solutions and activities to combine in plans and strategies.

It is important for us that the companies we work with are our partners, from whom we can receive accurate and complete information, and who can listen to our suggestions and ideas for their business development. This is an important element of our way of working - to work with companies with which we can have partnerships and opportunities with a long-term perspective.

Last but not least - we aim to exclude the extremes. This is important in marketing, especially today. If we do not go to extremes, we are open to alternatives - we have a better chance to find such.

We are convinced that every extreme leads to problems and complications, so we often look for a dialogue, different opinions, plenty of ideas and options for action.

This helps both our flexibility and our ability to limit many risks and optimize work processes.

We try to put ourselves in the place of consumers and look for a clearer connection between them and companies.

We try always to be up to date with the latest technologies, trends, changes, etc. in our professional field. In addition to logic, we try to look for the magic that makes a person emotional - because emotions are something that has brought and will bring a lot of success in marketing, business and our daily lives.

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History, experience and expertise

At the beginning of September 2008 - three professionals in the field of marketing, advertising and computer animation created "Design Bulgaria" - a company offering digital advertising solutions and marketing strategies on the Internet. At the end of 2010 The company operated in Bulgaria, Germany, Great Britain and the USA in three directions: marketing, mobile gaming and advertising design.

on October 6, 2011 was found the company InteractAge Limited - with the marketing specialist Ivo Iliev as manager. InteractAge quickly gained popularity in Europe and the United States - we had the opportunity to offer our marketing and advertising services to Ford, Coca-Cola, Beiersdorf (NIVEA, Eucerin, NIVEA MEN, NIVEA Baby), Clinique, Estee Lauder, Fisher-Price, NOKIA, Jack Daniel's (Brown–Forman Corporation), Finland Vodka(Brown–Forman Corporation), Microsoft , etc.

On July 26, 2012. was found the second company, Interactive Age Limited, - the team of the new company was focused on creating and conducting international campaigns for companies from various fields of activity.

On January 30, 2014. we found a third company – The creative agency Metamark Ltd., which offered professional design, concepts and video production. In 2015 the three companies launched a project for company trainings, consultations and seminars. We held conferences and seminars in Bulgaria, aimed at Bulgarian and European businessmen.

In 2019 "Interactive Age" became one of 67 agencies in the world selected as a Facebook Marketing Consultant Partner. Our team passed trainings, a technical exam, a test exam and an interview with the Facebook team in order to receive the accreditation for partnership.

On December 20, 2019. the three companies, InteractAge, Interactive Age and Metamark, merged into a common structure - BrandFormance Ltd.

From the beginning of 2020 the company was selected as a Facebook Technical Service Partner along with 90 other international digital companies.

We have invested into our business training project so that we can offer digital lectures for business and students from the country.

The project developed in two directions: digital videos and articles on the one hand and consulting services and company trainings on the other hand.

Today, our team at BrandFormance Ltd. consists of experienced accredited professionals with over 10 years of experience in the field of marketing, advertising and communications.

We have built long-term business relationships with many international companies from Europe and the United States. Some of the companies for which we provide marketing and advertising services are: Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria, Generali, Elevator Lab, Eucerin (Beiersdorf), Ford, NESTLE, BMW, Raiffeisen Asset Management, TEVA and many others.

Our team has passed the necessary training for expertise in Facebook and google marketing and advertising.

The company invests in the ongoing training of its employees, as well as in the use of the most up-to-date and detailed statistical tools, digital campaign management tools and software for design and video production.